4:30 PM16:30

SEDS USA – New Generation

MIT-SEDS, MIT Rocket Team, MIT Kit-Cube and BU-SEDS will showcase some of the projects that they are working on.  This will allow other students to see where they can get involved, and allow industry members to get a better idea of what interesting projects we are all working on.


MIT Rocket Team


MIT Kit-Cube

BU Rocket Propulsion Group

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2:10 PM14:10

Becoming a multi-planetary species: the case of Mars

Why the next step is to become a multi-planetary species and the related challenges of this step, including logistics, and the required economic drivers and enablers of the commercial utilization of space. 

Andrew Owens / PhD Fellow, MIT Systems Engineering Research Group

Keegan Kirkpatrick /  Team Lead, Redworks

Dr. Jekan Thanga /  Assistant Professor, Space and Terrestrial Robotic Exploration (SpaceTREx) Laboratory, Arizona State University

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9:55 AM09:55

Astropreneurship: Funding and Execution

Discussion on how New Space companies are getting funding, and what the unique challenges and differences are for astropreneurs.

Yonatan Winetraub / Co-founder, SpaceIL

James Wolff / Co-founder and CEO, D-Shape Enterprises; Co-founder, Deep Space Industries

Richard Godwin / President, Space Tech Holdings

David Mitlyng / SVP Business Development, BridgeSat

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9:10 AM09:10

Astropreneurship and New Space Incubators

Discussion on Space 3.0, Lightspeed Innovations, Allied Minds, and SVSC, and how these entities see “new space” as fertile ground for the next wave of innovative start-ups.

Dr. Lisa Porter / Executive VP and Director, CosmiQ Works

Ellen Chang /  Founder and CEO, Wharton Aerospace and Lightspeed Innovations

Richard Rocket / Co-founder and CEO, New Space Global

Sean Casey / Founder and Managing Director, Sillicon Valley Space Center

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