MIT Samberg Conference Center, March 11th, 2018

Pre-conference welcome and check-in

  • 0800-0900

Light breakfast & coffee served.

Lift-off: Welcome speech

  • 0900-0905

Background on MIT Sloan Astropreneurship and Space Industry Club (ASIC) and the logistics of the New Space Age Conference.

Barret Schlegelmilch / Co-President, MIT ASIC

charting new territory: our next frontiers in space

  • 0905-0930

An overview of the current state of the space industry and the next boundaries that humanity is pushing through international collaboration on our way to the stars.

Dr. Dava Newman / MIT Apollo Program Professor, Former NASA Deputy Administrator

enabling our interplanetary future: the cislunar economy

  • 0930-0955

A presentation on United Launch Alliance's roadmap towards a sustainable cislunar economy and beyond.

Bernard Kutter / Advanced Programs Group Chief Scientist, United Launch Alliance

The international space community: global growth

  • 0955-1040

A panel discussion on the current state and collaborative nature of the international space industry with representatives of companies from China, Norway, and Japan.

Katherine Monson / Business Development Director, Kongsberg Satellite Services (Norway)

Nobu Okada / Founder and CEO, Astroscale (Japan)

Sidney Nakahodo / Co-Founder and CEO, New York Space Alliance (USA)

Fabien Jordan / Founder and CEO, Astrocast (Switzerland)

networking break

  • 1040-1105

Light refreshments served.

Space sweepers: solving the orbital debris problem

  • 1105-1130

A presentation on the issue of orbital debris and how Astroscale is building a sustainable business around solving this important problem.

Nobu Okada / Founder and CEO, Astroscale


  • 1130-1155

Learn how the original Iridium telecommunication constellation was saved from destruction and how this paved the way for the new Iridium NEXT constellation.

Dan Colussy / Former CEO and Chairman, Iridium Holdings LLC

encouraging safe growth: The regulation of space

  • 1155-1220

A presentation by the FAA Office of Commercial Space Transporation on their role in encouraging safe and sustainable growth in the private space industry through regulation.

Ken Davidian / Director of Research, FAA Office of Commercial Space Transportation

"We are go for Lunch"

  • 1220-1320

Lunch served.


  • 1320-1345

Hear from Blue Origin about the current development of their new orbital rocket New Glenn and other exciting updates.

Erika Wagner / Business Development Manager, Blue Origin

charting new trajectories: innovative investment strategies

  • 1345-1410

A presentation on Boeing HorizonX's guiding strategy of identifying startups developing revolutionary concepts around the world and their involvement with the emerging New Space industry.

Logan Jones / Managing Director of New Business Horizons, Boeing HorizonX

enabling the future: Funding the new space age

  • 1410-1455

A panel discussion by representatives from several organizations that have become increasingly involved in funding space-focused ventures.

Tess Hatch / Investor, Bessemer Venture Partners

Hunter Ashmore / Investing Principal, Boeing HorizonX

Roshan Patel / Associate, Space Angels

Matt Thoms / Vice President, Allied Minds

Harry Dhillon / Corporate Development Lead, Lockheed Martin Space

networking break

  • 1455-1520

Light refreshments served.


  • 1520-1545

Hear from former nuclear submarine officer and current NASA astronaut Captain Stephen Bowen (USN) about NASA's human spaceflight activities and their interactions with the commercial space industry.

CAPT Stephen Bowen / Astronaut, NASA

not just startups: making defense agile

  • 1545-1610

A discussion about Praxis, Inc.'s efforts to deliver innovative and economically sound solutions to some of space's biggest challenges.

Tony Marzi / General Manager, Praxis, Inc. (A Technology Service Corporation Company)

from apollo to the ISS: leveraging innovation

  • 1610-1635

Join the VP of Raytheon Space Systems for a presentation on Raytheon's work in making space safer and more accessible for all.

Wallis Laughrey / Vice President of Space Systems, Raytheon

bUILDING ON the past: bringing hard-won experience to the new space AGE

  • 1635-1700

Learn about Sierra Nevada Corporation's development of the Dream Chaser space plane and plans for its future use.

Mark Sirangelo / Corporate VP of Space Systems, Sierra Nevada Corporation

Concluding Remarks

  • 1700-1705

Steven Link / Co-President, MIT ASIC

networking reception

  • 1705-1800

Appetizers and drinks served.